Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer Service button on a PC keyboard.Because we value our customers, we have a Customer Service Guarantee.

Our customer service policy is to provide a rapid turnaround from the initial enquiry stage, right through to delivery, to all of our customers.

Most importantly it is to recognise that excellent customer services encompass all interactions, which a consumer or potential customer may have with us is positive. This includes the entire experience, from initial contact to final sale and beyond.

Acoustafoam Limited are always striving to improve our customer relationships, to ensure that all of our customers experience a first class service.

If you wish to send us your feedback regarding your experience with Acoustafoam Limited, please call 01952 581340 or email
Customer Service and doodles hovering above a table of people talking. Customer Service is an attitude not a department. Customer Service series of images of aspects of customer service. a SUPPORT BUTTON ON A PC KEYBOARD.