Acoustafoam At Twickenham

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England Vs Australia.

This weekend a group Acoustafoam descended on Twickernam to watch one of the finest games of Rugby in English history. With the rich heritage of England Australia grudge match, this one did not disappoint.

With England coming out the blocks early and putting 7 points on the board with Australia coming back within minutes.  England took the lead once more and held on for as long as they could. With half-time approaching Australia stepped it up and equalised going into halftime.

Everything once again was resting on England’s shoulders going into halftime. It was clear England wasn’t deterred and scored once again in the first five minutes of the second half.  England kept the pressure on and it was clear they had broken the Australian sprint and did not give up until the whistle was blown.

Resulting in one of the finest rugby games ever witnessed by Acoustafoam