An Exciting Time Here at Acoustafoam.

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Why is Acoustafoam having such an exciting time? I hear you ask. 

Well, we are proud to announce we have recently received a rubrubber-injectionber injection moulding machine, a plastic injection moulding machine and a heated press with a laser cutting machine on its way. As a company, we are always looking at investing in new technology to provide a complete service to our customers. As a result, we have invested in the above technology to help out customer overcome a broad range of acoustic and many other issues.

The rubber injection moulding allows us to design and manufacture bespoke seals, gaskets and O-rings. The rubber injection moulding allows you to create the right seals for the job. With the help of our design team, we will create the seal to your needs.

We have also received a plastic injection moulding machinelaser-cutter allowing us to mould lots of creations. Including golf T’s, plastic handles, toys, cogs, and cab interiors. The plastic injection moulding offers another service to our customers reducing our customer’s supply chain. Offering the complete service to a broad range of sectors.

The new heated press allows us to press 3D fibre and foam panels and headliners. The heated press creates a clean finish, and the reduces labour time. We can also create 2D composites for custom made insulation kits and create 3d shapes. Providing a solution to more acoustic technical issues.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will take a delivery of a new laser cutting machine. Our new laser cutting machine will work with more precision and cleanly compared to water jets. The laser jet will also reduce waste and maximise yield.