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Building acoustic solutions 
Contemporary Acoustic Solutions CAS Ltd Our new building and architectural acoustic solutions division.
Services offered include:- consultation, product presentations, testing, product development, manufacture, and on site instillation. Visit CAS web site
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Acoustafoam news

September 2014.
Acoustafoam have a new multi head abrasive water jet machine that is being commissioned this week. This gives us the most versatile and advanced water jet facility available.
New abrasive water jet cutter  

We have started our blog to give you a better insight in the products we make and the benefits they offer -
Acoustafoam Blog

Social and recreation news.
Sea Master Sailing School Lanzarote
A must for anyone who needs a
n adventure holiday in Lanzarote.
Learn to sail and have fun with Duncan. What a fabulous week. Mike Tranter MD Acoustafoam.
Welcome Sea Master Training Centre.
Sea Master are a small family run Sailing and Power centre, operating in the year round warm and sunny climate of Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands.
We offer RYA Training Courses for any pursuit and Weekly Executive Quality Sailing Courses, Cruising Holidays, Adventure Weeks and Mile Building.
The centre is operated by Duncan Boycott, who has been on the water for more than 40 years and is an RYA Yachtmaster Instructor for both Sailing, Motor Cruising and also an Advanced Powerboat Instructor, it is highly likely that Duncan will be your skipper should you sail with us.
Duncan Explains our Training Ethos :-
'Our aim is to offer the best Quality of Instruction Possible on Quality boats. We do not try to push people through the RYA syllabus and rush people onto the next course until we are sure that they understand what they have already learned.
We also advise clients to build the necessary experience between courses to ensure that when they do achieve a level in the syllabus, they feel completely confident of being able to perform to that level and keep their boat and crew safe.
What gives me greatest pleasure is to be able to sit and watch a skipper who has trained with us bring his boat into a berth safely and with ease in challenging conditions'
Our Location:- Steady north easterly trade winds, warm and clear tidal Atlantic waters with an air temperatures around 25 ºC in summer that rarely drops under 18 ºC in winter offer great sailing conditions and in fantastic cruising grounds.
Secluded beaches and tranquil bays are not only ideal sailing grounds but also offer both perfect motor cruising and powerboat course and charter conditions.
Quality! Look really good, better than anticipated. Looking forward to fitting them up.
dkstenson - Ebay
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Marine Insulation

Marine Insulation & Soundproofing Products Manufactured by Acoustafoam
Marine acoustic insulation laminates manufactured by Acoustafoam
With 34 years experience of producing acoustic materials for soundproofing and Noise reduction we have the perfect solution for your marine acoustic problems.
Our marine insulation products are ideal for sound proofing boat engine rooms and controlling noise and vibration problems.
Engine cover with foil insulation  fitted engine room  Marine insulation  A range of marine facings  self adhesive laminates
Acoustafoams Class O composite products offer the best possible acoustic result especially for engine room sound insulation due to the multi layer combination. Acoustafoam laminates are used in many other industrial applications but mostly used for the marine industry engine room noise problem areas.
Acoustafoam Laminates have three layers in addition to a protective facing for cosmetic and practical functions.
The Absorption Layer
A thick layer of 25mm fire zero rated Class O foam which soaks up noise and stops it bouncing around the engine compartment.
The Transmission Layer
A high density 5kg per square metre polymeric barrier that provides the highest possible mass for the job of transmission loss (stops noise from getting through to other areas of the boat at the application wall).
The Isolation Layer
This 6mm layer of foam has a crucial function,it acts like the gap in double glazing and stops the noise which hits the transmission layer being carried through to the bulkhead.
Acoustafoam Marine Laminates can be supplied with a range of facings. PU Films black and white, Glass Fibre, Aluminium Coated Glass Fiber, Aluminium Foil, fire rated Fabrics or a range of sprayed  fire rated paints.
Acoustafoam offer a standard range of products for marine insulation applications. Sheets 990mm x 590mm x 32mm - 4 sheets per box with a self adhesive backing.Installation is easy. Simply cut the material to shape, peel off the release paper and fix to the affected area. Use
Acoustafoam jointing tape to seal butt joint edges.

Acoustafoam manufacture marine acoustic insulation made from Rockwool fire pro. RW2000 is a rock mineral wool slab engineered to provide A-rated fire protection aboard ships and off shore installations.
This product is Lloyd Register of shipping and MED certified A30 and A60 fire protection to steel decks and bulkheads.
It can be used to provide fire protection, thermal insulation and sound reduction with the minimum of weight.
The product is laminated with B67 foil coated glass Class O fire rated.

Specification sheet:
Material code : RW 2000
Description : Marine rockwool
Colour : Foil faced (B67)
Sheet size: 1000mm x 600mm.Thickness: 25mm - 40mm - 75mm
Thermal conductivity: 0.033 w/mk at 10*c
Acoustics: Marine rockwool foil faced slabs can considerably reduce the level of environmental sound.
Fire specification: RW 2000 is Lloyd's register of shipping certified and MED certified to provide A30 / A60 fire protection.
Applications: Fire protection,thermal insulation and acoustic
treatment of marine and offshore installations.
Finishes: The sheets can be supplied with a factory
laminated reinforced foil facing. The foil is intended as a vapour barrier and butt joints should be sealed with foil tape (b67/50mm/s.a.).
Fixing: Contact adhesive, Mechanical fasteners and Self adhesive backing if required.
Work on site: Fit to a clean dry surface sheets of pre cut
shapes. All but joints cover with self adhesive 50mm b67 foil tape. Sheets can be cut using a sharp knife.
This product is also supplied with pre cut shapes edges material wrapped.
Technical helpline: 01952 581340 - Quote RW2000 technical support.
Visit the E-shop for a range of  
acoustic laminates or call us for assistance.
Phone 01952-581340 and ask for the marine insulation sales desk.

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