Latest investments.

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Here at Acoustafaom, we are always looking for the next best thing to help support and service our customer base. Whether it be new technology, new management systems or just new uniforms.

One of our lasted investments is our new nesting software. The software has allowed us to increase production on the water jets by increasing the number of files using common line cutting. This has dramatically decreased the time some of the files take to cut. Vastly improving the overall performance of the section.

This nifty bit of software has also allowed us to increase yield not only by nesting each part or kit in the minimum amount of space but it also pulls any other files up it knows it can fit in the remaining space. When I say any available space, I mean any available space, it will use the space with in shapes. For example, my parts are doughnut shapes, and this typically means having wasted material within the doughnut. Oh no, not any more the software has a quick look in the memory bank and goes ” You know what, I can definiflty get another peaice out of there” and boom another part produced.

This is just the tip of the iceberg with some of our new investments.

We will be back to tell you more about where we are heading.