Product design at Acoustafoam.

Acoustafoam Limited have the knowledge and the expertise to offer customers full product design and development. With advanced engineering techniques for noise and vibration control products.
We offer a rapid response to product development, from the initial enquiry to the quotation and then first off sampling. Our company policy is to react very quickly to customer needs and ensure that you are offered the best materials fit for the application.
Cost, time and quality are the primary variables that drive the customer needs. Aimed at these three variables, Acoustafoam Limited develop continuous practices and strategies to satisfy the client requirements better and increase their market share by a natural development of new products. There are many uncertainties and challenges throughout the process which companies must face.

The use of best practices and the elimination of barriers to communication are the main concerns for the management of new product development (NPD) process.
We welcome the opportunity to help you solve your noise problems and look forward to your call.
Contact No 01952 581240.

Design plans with a pencil and drawing tools. Design room with printed pictures in the background. Designed PU products in a glass cabinate. Steering wheel, grab handle, gear stick knobs. Am acoustic enclosure.