Eco footprint

Acoustafoams Eco-footprint.

Eco footprintHere at Acoustafoam Limited, we are committed to reducing our Eco footprint by applying an Energy Saving and Waste Management program.  To help us guide and develop our plan we have assembled a team from all levels of the company. The team meets every month to discuss all areas of energy saving and waste management affecting our Eco-footprint, to review how we can improve our plan and maintain what is working well.
At Acoustafoam Limited we are committed to the maintenance of an environmental management system to BS EN ISO 14001: 1996 standards through staff training, monitoring manufacturing processes, as well as having good working practice with our suppliers.

To help reduce our Eco-footprint we agree to:

  • Minimum and returnable packaging of raw materials.
  • All other packaging is salvaged and reused.
  • The paper is recycled. Plus we are always looking at ways to go paper light or paper free within the administration.
  • To Reduce our Carbon footprint by including Customers in logistic recycling to minimise transportation.

Part of our management review meetings is to monitor waste and invest to reduce the amount we create. With the investment in new technology, Acoustafoam Limited has managed to eliminate more than 50 tonnes of solvents per year from our raw material usage.
Acoustafoam Limited strive to become market leaders in Energy saving and Waste management within our field. We believe with our employee training program and investment in technology, the company will meet our objectives.

To meet our Eco footprint objectives the company policy is to have total employee involvement with; production, Eco-footprint issues, health & safety, product quality, working environment, performance and customer needs.
Daily area production meetings are implemented by senior staff to drive home our standards and policies which lower our Eco-Footprint.

Please contact our Sales Team at Acoustafoam for help: 01952 581340.

Eco footprint Eco footprint Eco footprint Eco footprint