Foam Conversion

Foam Conversion What is It?

Foam conversion is the processing of foam to become a product. This can be in a variety of ways from the simple process of slitting a sheet to the desired thickness to using a CNC profiling machine to create a bespoke acoustic solution.

What does Acoustafoam Have to Offer?

  • Band saw
  • Profiled Slitter
  • CNC Profiling machine
  • Slitter
  • Laminator
  • Water jets
  • Spray booths.
  • Die Cut Press

These processes allow us to make a standard product into a technical product. With the expertise and knowledge, we have aided in the development of acoustic solutions across a wide variety of sectors. This allows us to support you and overcome any issue that can not be solved by a simple solution.  By working together we have overcome a range of issue from sound absorption around a radiator in construction vehicles to thermal insulation in the engine room on a yacht.

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CNC Profiling machine