Heated Press.

Heated Press.

Here at Acoustafoam, we have a heated press prosses. The heated press’s come in two sizes the first heated press bed is 2000mm x 1200mm x 400mm opening.  The second heated press has a bed 1500mm x 1500mm  x 800mm opening. The heated presses allow us to thermo-compress foams, fibres and sheet materials depending on the application.

The heated press process creates a bespoke acoustic and thermal insulation solution. The parts are created by using an aluminium tooling which is heated up in the bed which is placed under pressure, heated and cured off. The finished parts are consistent at every press and can require very little processing after they have cured off.

There are several choices of materials available, including thermoformable fibres and foams. Each can be modified with a different facing depending on your requirements. The facings available are acoustic transparent fire retardant felts, high-temperature acoustic transparent aluminium foils and waterproof acoustic transparent film.
Heated Press


2D-Composites are commonly used in a variety of sectors including, the Construction vehicle sector, Automotive sector and the Power Generation Sector. The products produced include headliners, engine bay acoustic insulation and heat shields.


Our current products are the MelaForm™, Mela Foil™, FibreForm™, and FibreFoil™.


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