Acoustic Testing

Acoustic Testing and Analysis by Acoustafoam.

With the aid of the latest testing equipment, we can carry out internal analysis on facings, foams and composites to see what gives the best acoustic absorption and noise transmission loss over a range of thicknesses. For example, it is crucial to predicting the impact of using specific noise control materials at the development stage for engineers, designers and manufacturers. Simulation software can help to make the prediction, provided that the acoustic characteristics of the materials are accurately known.

Acoustafoam Limited will test your materials for you:

  • We do comparison testing on samples.
  • Testing and results are strictly confidential for customers.
  • Contact us for sample sizes and testing costs.
  • Environmental/building testing also available upon request.
  • Reverberation testing and theory by Richard Stayner Acoustafoam Limited.

Acoustafoam Limited provides a service that can help to control the acoustic environment in rooms and halls. In outline, our technical staff would first measure the Reverberation Time of the room as it is, together with its dimensions. These values, together with the absorption coefficient of the preferred acoustical material, are used to calculate the area of material that would give the improved Reverberation Time that would suit the utilisation of the room.
Acoustic Testing