Polyurethane Foam Mouldings

Polyurethane foam mouldings or Integral skin or Self Skin moulding is one of our unique products here at Acoustafoam.

With 36 years of experience of polyurethane moulding technology, bespoke mould design and manufacturing techniques, Acoustafoam produce polyurethane moulded foam products to the highest quality standards. The database of knowledge within the company is second to none when you need to combine expert technical advice and product design to turn round rapid prototypes and samples.

Integral Skin PU foam delivers a product that can be soft and durable, with a tough, flexible, tear-resistant skin.

The strong integral self-skinned surface provides protection against scratch, wear and tear and abrasion. This skin is formed during the moulding process and protects a micro-cellular foam core which can vary in hardness from 30 – 90 Shore A.

The mould tooling can be chemically etched with various patterns to give the skin a textured appearance and feel. For example, you could give a moulding, a leather-like texture finish.

This type of PU foam is ideal for many applications including grab handles, armrests, steering wheels, headrests, gear knobs, seats, toys, furniture components and decorative trims.

Acoustafoam currently manufactures many integral skin mouldings for a broad range of industries including lift trucks, office furniture, marine, safety products and the gaming industry. We can incorporate a metal insert into mouldings to provide extra rigidity and strength where required. Our products are coated with a UV stable paint to provide excellent protection against colour ageing from sunlight.

Polyurethane moulding systems available from Acoustafoam.
Integral skin foam moulding (also known as self-skin moulding).
Elastomers – Rigid and flexible foam moulding – RIM moulding.
Impact foam mouldings – Rigid polyurethanes – Insulation foam.

The foam moulding production process consists of mixing two parts together giving a chemical reaction after dispensing into the mould. After the material is cured the product is removed, and a trimming operation is carried out to remove a flash line. The product is then stored until a final cure is reached. Material controls for density, hardness, tear strength, fire retardant properties, UV stability and in mould coating are all part of our technical back up.

The key to success with polyurethane moulding is in tool design, filling points, material control, trimming and storage of finished products before inspection and dispatch to the customer. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver quality products on time that meet and exceed our customer requirements.

Acoustafoam produces a range of integral skin mouldings with a range of hardness’s from 25 to 90 Shore A. Products can be produced from resin, aluminium and steel tooling (moulds) to suit low, medium and high volumes. Components can be manufactured in a range of colours over a support structure made from steel, wood, plastic or aluminium. We offer a fast development service of product and design from cad files, drawings or models input from the customer.

Moulded foam products include gear stick knobs, grab handles, headrests, armrests, seating, fasciae and much more.

Industries Serviced:- Automotive – Rail – Marine – Furniture – Sports and leisure- Construction equipment – Computer industry.

Please contact our Sales Team at Acoustafoam for help: 01952 581340.
Polyurethane Foam Mouldings