Automotive Sector

Automotive Sector

Automotive Products and Processing.

Acoustafoam Ltd supplies first and second tier components to the Automotive sector. Established in 1979 we have many years’ experiences developing, testing and manufacturing automotive parts.We offer a full design package to customers if needed. We have the expertise and knowledge to incorporate CAD aided designs into our product development, through our experienced team members.

Acoustic insulation, seals and gaskets, interior trim, thermal products, boot and floor mats are some of the automotive products manufactured here at Acoustafoam Ltd. Across our sites based in Telford, we have invested in state of the art machinery and testing equipment to offer our customers quality products with a first class service.

The team we have within the company offer a complete service from initial enquiry to product delivery carrying on into the after service of each sale. We all understand the necessity for a fast, effective response when it comes to customer satisfaction. In-house shop floor meetings are insisted by management every production day.

Due to the high standards of the Automotive sector, our manufacturing plants contain a broad range of processing areas that allow batch orders to flow smoothly and efficiently. Allowing us to facilitate a very substantial range of products. Which have the need to be produced to a schedule, as well as one off orders to any volume size. We value all customers large and small.

Quality is inspected at all stations with the aid of computerised information desks which allow us to call up job cards, drawings and images of products, needed to sign first off parts. All the goods are bar coded to flash up information with ease. Our production staff are fully trained to understand the need for first time right mentality. Taking pride in the job incorporates the  5S mentality on each section of the shop floor.