Acoustafoam HVAC Products.

As the world of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is changing, here at Acoustafoam we are keeping trend and provide an extensive range of HVAC solutions to some of the largest HVAC companies in the UK.

A01 Flexible Polyurethane foam.

$ self adhesive backed kits partsSuch as flexible Polyurethane foams which are supplied in sheets or custom made kits for core heating acoustic insulation, cut on our water jets or with our die press to suit customer specifications. Polyurethane foam is insoluble, with a high ignition point and a high-temperature range. Polyurethane foams can also be incorporated in composites with a self-adhesive backing a polymeric anti-vibration layer.  Custom Kits can be supplied with a wide variety of protective or cosmetic facing to suit the installation environment.


A70 PVC Nitrile Foam. 

A Flexible closed cell rubber insulation (PVC Nitrile) which is used in acoustic and thermal insulation. Available in tubes, PVC Nitrilecoils and sheets for the use in Air conditioning, refrigeration, hot water pipes and air distribution ductwork. PVC Nitrile has an excellent performance against heat loss with excellent thermal conductivity, provides a condensation and vapour barrier. PVC Nitrile also aids in the protection against corrosion as well as providing protection against vibrations. A70 is flexible, dust and fibre free properties allow the ease of installation. PVC Nitrile is a Class ‘O’ foam perfect for an environment with a risk of fire as its self-extinguishing and drip free.

A11 Class 0 Foam.Class 0 

Class ‘O’ Polyurethane open celled impregnated foam for acoustic and thermal insulation. A11 class ‘0’ is primarily used in core heating kits and ducting insulation and enclosures. Class ‘O’ foam has absorbed mineral component which increases the performance in the ignition resistance test. Class ‘O’ foam does not support combustion, melt or drip. A 11 is not affected by bacteria and the shape and mineral structure never changes. Class ‘O’ is very flexible making it suitable for curved edges or formed to fit complex shapes. Class ‘O’ can be incorporated into composites with self-adhesive backing and be covered in protective or cosmetic facings

Ducting and Acoustic Sheathing. 

We offer specific pipework and ducting solutions such as our Acoustic sheathing. This is a compound product designed to control noise transmission in a wide variety of shaped ductwork and pipes. By isolating noise within the duct or pipe preventing any disturbance to the outside environment. Applicable in a variety of environments such as clean rooms, food and drink production areas and pharmaceutical applications.

A13 Filter Foams.

We also provide a broad range of Filter foams in a large choice of colours and pours per Inch (PPI) ranging from 8PPI to 110PPI.  Our filter foams have been broken down into four groups;Filter Foam

EsterCell FR which is our Flame-retardant filter foam. Best suited for environments containing gas, oil and fumes best suited for Industrial filtration.

EsterCell a range of filter foams that are non-FR and used as a lower cost option where a fire is not a risk and no contact with water. Perfect for outdoor areas and small components with no fire hazards.

EtherCell is a filter foam with water contact applications such as fish filtration and cushions in an outdoor environment that may become wet.

Seals and Gaskets. 

GasketsWe manufacture door seals for compressor units out of a large choice of materials including corks, rubbers and foams at a size and shape to best fit your products. Our products can be suppled with a self-adhesive back to ease installation. We can create the seal you want by cutting them on our water jets. This allows us to work to tighter tolerances with more precision and maximise yield.

HVAC Extras.

We also supply subsidiary materials such as aluminium foil tape with a scrim insert. Suitable for sealing joints in foil faced insulation, flexible duct wrap and spiral wrapping of pipe insulation providing a fire resistive vapour barrier. As well as Polyethylene pipe insulation for domestic heating on hot and cold systems. Polyethene shows stable thermal properties which save energy and prevent pipes from freezing. The tubes are semi-flexible pre-slit for the ease of installation.

This is to name but a few, we also supply Mineral wool, Glass fibre and phenolic foams to see our full selection of products click here. 

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