Class 0 Foam

Class 0 foam is a Polyurethane open celled impregnated foam which is used for acoustic and thermal insulation. Core heating kits, ducting insulation and acoustic enclosures insulation use Class 0 foam as a go-to material. This is because its has excellent acoustic property and thermal properties.

Class 0 foam has absorbed mineral component which increases the performance in the ignition resistance test. As a result Class,0 foam does not support combustion, melt or drip. A bonus to Class 0 is that it is not affected by bacteria and the shape and mineral structure never changes. Class 0 foam is also very flexible making it the ideal material for curved edges or formed to fit complex shapes. Class 0 can be incorporated into composites with self-adhesive backing and be covered in protective or cosmetic facings.

We offer specific pipework and ducting solutions such as our Acoustic sheathing. This is a compound product designed to control noise transmission in a wide variety of shaped ductwork and pipes by isolating noise within the duct or pipe preventing any disturbance to the outside environment. Applicable in a variety of environments such as clean rooms, food and drink production areas and pharmaceutical applications.

Our products can be supplied in sheet and roll form, or cut to your specific requirements.Class 0 foam