Filter Foam

Filter Foam Products.

Our Filter Foam range of products are used as inlet air filters and engine breather filters; the skeletal structure of cells provides a controlled structure which ensures controlled flow rates can be maintained throughout the filters life.

A process known as reticulation is where the magic happens. This creates the open and breathable structure that makes Filter Foam such a flexible filtration material.

We provide a broad range of Filter foams in a large choice of colours and pours per Inch (PPI) ranging from 10PPI to 80PPI. The number of PPI is unique to the level of filtration required. Our choice of filtration foams can be used in their natural state or can be impregnated to make it Flame retardant.

The filter foams available are broken down into four groups depending on their purpose;

  1. EsterCell is our non-FR range and is used as a lower cost option where a fire is not a risk, and there is no contact with water. Perfect for outdoor areas and small components with no fire hazards. For example, for filtration on compressor and generators.
  1. EsterCell FR range which is our Flame-retardant filter foam is best suited for environments containing gas, oil and fumes within Industrial filtration.
  1. EtherCell. Filter foam for water contact applications such as fish filtration and cushions in an outdoor environment that may become wet.
  1.  FireCell. A class ‘O’ range of impregnated filter foams which are UL 94/HF1 and BS 476 Class O fire rated.

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