PVC Nitrile Foam

What is PVC Nitrile foam?

PVC Nitrile foam is a flexible closed-cell rubber insulation, black in colour, with a smooth, tough outer protective skin. Which is used in acoustic and thermal insulation. Available in tubes, coils and in sheets for the use in Air conditioning, Refrigeration, Hot water pipes and Air-distribution ductwork. This product can be supplied with a Skin to Cell surfaces or a Skin to Skin surface depending on our customer specifications and use.

PVC Nitrile has excellent performance against heat loss due to its excellent thermal insulation value. PVC NItrile also provides a condensation and vapour barrier. PVC Nitrile also aids in the protection against corrosion as well as providing protection against vibrations. PVC Nitrile is flexible, dust and fibre free properties allow the ease of installation to a wide variety surfaces. PVC Nitrile is a Class ‘O’ foam which is perfect for an environment where the risk of fire is a possibility, as it is self-extinguishing and drip free. This product also has excellent resistance to oil, ozone and chemicals.

PVC Nitrile is also environmentally friendly as it is CFC and HCFC free. It also has a 0 ODP (Ozone depletion Potential) and very low GWP (Global Warming Potential). This product is also recyclable

PVC Nitrile foam