Industrial Sector

Industrial acoustics

Noise in the workplace is a problem within most manufacturing plants. Acoustafoam limited manufacture a vast range of industrial acoustics solutions to solve these problems without affecting production.

With to the introduction of new health and safety regulations, the consideration of noise control within manufacturing plants has become more and more important. Employees cannot be subject to high levels of noise due to this causing long-term hearing damage.

Acoustafoam Limited offers a range of both products and services to assist with noise issues within the workplace which are both are unbeatable services. On-site surveys and noise, testing reports are offered by us to assess the current working environment. This will then allow us to identify the product perfect for you. We can supply, design and fit a broad range of products such as hanging and wall mounted absorbers, acoustic screens, machinery noise panels, anti-vibration pads and acoustic enclosures.

Acoustic pods designed to any size and shape. These may be placed in offices or on the production floor. The advantage of pods is that they can be moved easily as production flows change.

Many of our customers are now having printed absorbers, using the product to display information and safety signage thus making good use of the area treated for noise control.