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Marine Acoustics. 

With 37 year’s experience of producing acoustic materials for soundproofing and noise reduction across. We have worked alongside one of the UK largest luxury yacht builders for the last 20 years. Combining our knowledge to develop marine specific acoustic solutions.

Marine Insulation.

Marine Laminates

Our marine class 0 composite products offer the best possible acoustic results. In particular for engine room sound insulation due to the multi-layer combination. The Acoustafoam laminates are used in many other industrial applications but mostly used for the marine industry engine room noise problem areas. Our laminates have three layers in addition to a protective facing for cosmetic and practical functions. For more information click on the link Marine Insulation.

Acoustics compliant with Lloyd’s register for shipping.

Acoustafoam manufactures marine acoustic insulation made from Rockwool fire pro. RW2000 is a rock mineral wool slab engineered to provide A-rated fire protection aboard ships and offshore installations. It is laminated with B67 foil coated glass Class ‘O’ fire rated and we supply the final product shipped with pre-cut shaped edges material wrapped either with contact adhesive, mechanical fasteners and self-adhesive backing if required. This product is Lloyd Register of Shipping and MED certified A30 and A60 fire protection to steel decks and bulkheads. It can be used to provide fire protection, thermal insulation and sound reduction with the minimum of weight. For more information on Marine Acoustics Compliant with Lloyd’s Register of Shipping.


Polyurethane – Integral Skin.

Integral skin polyurethane is quick and effective to manufacture finished polyurethane parts. Perfect for manufacturing boat steering wheels, gears knob, acoustic floor mats. Integral skin PU delivers a product that is soft and durable, with a tough, flexible tear resistant skin, Providing protection against scratches and wear and tear. For more information on Polyurethane Foam Mouldings

Technical foams.

We offer a selection of technical foams such as memory foam for mattresses on board all boats. As well as furniture foam for all seating inside and out as we can upholster them with a wide selection of fabrics. For more information on Technical Foams

PVC Nitrile Kits.

$ self adhesive backed kits parts

PVC Nitrile has an excellent performance against heat loss with superb thermal conductivity, as well as providing a condensation and vapour barrier. PVC Nitrile also aids in the protection against corrosion as well as providing protection against vibrations. Which makes it a perfect choice for insulating engine room pipes to help keep crew member safe as they enter the engine room. For more information on PVC Nitrile.

Exhaust and Water Tank Jackets.

Make your voyage more enjoyable by decreasing engine room heat. If you are replacing exhaust lagging from a previous install or doing a complete revamp. Acoustafoam has the right marine exhaust jacket for you. Retain the heat in your vessels exhaust system with a marine exhaust jacket. We supply and manufacture the exhaust jackets to the specification you require.

One common problem our customer has come to us to help over come is water tank jackets. We out production knowledge and our customer’s ambitions we have managed to design a variety of bespoke water tank jackets. Creating happy voyages around the world.


If you have any questions with regards to any products mentions, please call our sales team on 01952 581 340