Medical Sector.

Acoustafoam has a broad selection of materials including Medical foam. We are the only supplier to design, manufacture the full range of products for the sector.Profiled foam Laminates.

● Packaging Foam
● Medical Furniture Foam
● Filter Foams
● Bedding mattresses
● Enabling you to reduce your supply chain costs.

We consistently invest in new technology so we can provide the latest in innovations and design to our customers.

Packaging Foam.

Our packaging foam is manufactured with specially engineered high-density foams. Creating a stable environment reducing damage to the contents.  We can provide high-density protective foams for case inserts with self-adhesive back to ease installation. The case inserts are cut using our in-house water jet cutting machines. This allows us to work to tighter tolerances with more precisions and maximise yield.

We manufacture using DXF files. Which dramatically reducing lead time and eliminates tooling costs. A close up of A01 Profiled Foam. We can receive the DXF file in the morning and can be making parts in the afternoon. We can offer line side delivery for all our products to suit our customer’s requirements. Reducing the need for stock.

We have a full range of foams densities which can be profiled. Also known as “Egg Create” this keeps your products safe and aesthetically pleasing. If you have any questions about design, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Medical Furniture Foam.

We design, manufacture and supply bespoke medical mattresses. Including a selection of technical foams such as memory foam, Reconstituted foam and A01. We can provide full mattresses and mattress toppers to suit your designs. We offer support with design development and testing for all parts manufactured. We can become a part of your design team. To make sure you get the best quality products at the best value.

Filter Foam.Filter foams in different pours per inch and colour.

Completely open cell foams with a controlled cell structure and porosity. Available in a range of pore sizes for filtration applications such as blood filters, swabs and wipes, or a special grade for HME filters for anaesthesia and tracheotomy.

If you want to find out more, please call us on 01952 581340.