Power Generation.

Power Generation

Here are a few of our Power Generation Products

Filter Foams

Our Filtration Foam range of products are used as inlet air filters and engine breather filters; the skeletal structure of cells provides a controlled structure which ensures controlled flow rates can be maintained throughout the filters life.

A process known as reticulation is where the magic happens; this creates the open and breathable structure that makes Filter Foam such a flexible filtration material.

We provide a broad range of Filter foams in a large choice of colours and pours per Inch (PPI) ranging from 8PPI to 110PPI. The number of PPI is unique to the level of filtration required. Our choice of filtration foams can be used in their natural state or can be impregnated to make it Flame retardant.

The filter foams available are broken down into four groups depending on their purpose;Filter Foam

1. EsterCell is our non-FR range and is used as a lower cost option where a fire is not a risk, and there is no contact with water. Perfect for outdoor areas and small components with no fire hazards. For example, for filtration on compressor and generators.

2. EsterCell FR range which is our Flame-retardant filter foam is best suited for environments containing gas, oil and fumes within Industrial filtration.

3. EtherCell. Filter foam for water contact applications such as fish filtration and cushions in an outdoor environment that may become wet.

4. FireCell. A class ‘O’ range of impregnated filter foams which are UL 94/HF1 and BS 476 Class O fire rated.

Seals and Gaskets.

Our SealsPP Media_129__ACOUSTAFOAM_2012_PRODUCTS and gasket range of closed and semi-closed cell materials can be used to improve the fit between panels and reduce vibration within the unit, also used to seal doors and access panel against the elements.

We manufacture door seals for compressor units out of a large choice of materials including corks, Neoprene, EPDM, NBR rubbers, PVC, Polyethylene and Polyurethane foams at a size and shape to best fit your products. All seals and gaskets can be supplied with a self-adhesive back to ease installation. We can create the seal you want by cutting them on our water jets or by using or in-house CNC equipment.

Acoustic foams Acoustic kits.

Acoustafoam offers a broad range of acoustic insulation products specifically designed to absorb and reduce sound transmission. The control and reduction of sound play a huge part in not only the design and development of a product to make it the quietest piece of equipment available. But also plays a significant role within the working environment as the necessity of a quieter workplace is in demand. Therefore, this has reinforced the need for legislation and higher expectations by customers resulting in an increased need to manage sound control.$ self adhesive backed kits parts

We offer an extensive range of acoustic materials which are commonly used to line the acoustic enclosures and canopies surrounding generators, as wells as for acoustic kits within compressors and generators. With acoustic foams being used widely within the power generation sector the acoustic foams can be tailored to offer high levels of sound reduction and reduce transmission specific to your needs.

Such as flexible Polyurethane foams which are supplied in sheets in a variety of densities or custom made kits for Acoustic insulation in compressors. This can be cut on our water jets or with our die press to suit customer specifications.

Polyurethane foam is insoluble, with a high ignition point and a high-temperature range. Polyurethane foams can also be incorporated in composites with a self-adhesive backing a polymeric anti-vibration layer.

Custom Kits can be supplied with a full range of protective or cosmetic facing such as Aluminium Foils and spray coatings to add additional benefits such as moisture and heat resistance. As well as an extensive choice of fabrics in a wide range of colours to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Thermal Foams.Class 0

Where fire protection is required such as to reduce heat transfer from around the exhaust area, polyurethane foam can be impregnated to achieve Class ‘O’ Fire performance, making it suitable for thermal insulation where heat is present, and the highest standards of fire performance are vital such as in Generator Cabinets.

Due to the absorbed mineral components Class ‘O’ has an increased performance in the ignition resistance test and does not support combustion, melt or drip. Another added benefit of Class ‘O’ is that it is not affected by bacteria and the shape and mineral structure never changes. As well as being very flexible making it suitable for curved edges or formed to fit complex shapes

Our products can be supplied in sheet and roll form, or cut to your specific requirements.

Melamine Foam.

In the situation where the weight, acoustic ability and thermal rating are required our melamine foam range is perfect. As melamine is a light weight opened cell foam which does not flame or emit a toxic fume when exposed to flames with a Class ‘O’ rating plus. Melamine is very easy to handle due to its very light weight nature and can be die cut, profiled on our CNC machine or cut to make an acoustic and thermal kit on our water jets.

Melamine foam can be completely wrapped in a wide variety material to meet required specifications and can also be supplied with a self-adhesive back to ease installation.

Acoustic enclosures for Power Generation.

Anechoic chamber 2Acoustic enclosures are prefabricated constructions designed to reduce noise levels on new or existing machinery. They are built to the customer’s requirements and can house large manufacturing equipment and small machinery such as power generation devices, air conditioning systems, compressors, blowers and fans both internally within a building and externally.

Acoustic enclosures are required in industrial environments where reverberation and sound transmission from machinery is prevalent. As airborne noise needs to be muffled to protect employees working within the manufacturing environment. Our acoustic enclosures are designed with the frequencies which are most harmful to human hearing in mind. When high precision and critical measurements are paramount, an acoustic enclosure can be design to suit by incorporating vibration dampening technology. Acoustic enclosures can be a permanent or portable enclosure dependant on your needs.

We offer a full design, test and report service to customers with the objective of not slowing down your production.

For more Information, please don’t hesitate to ask for a data sheet on our materials Call 01952 581340 today.