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Public transport & Rail

Acoustafoam limited supply the public transport and the rail sector with a broad range of products including acoustic insulation, thermal insulation, anti-vibration materials and trim parts. We have a full understanding of the regulations and needs of this industry and have a first class record supplying this sector.

Our team are well prepared to work with design engineers on the development of new products and understand the importance of NDA compliance. We also understand the need for just in time products to fit in with build programs.

We supply our products to the commercial vehicles, coach and bus industries, bespoke vehicles, snow ploughs, fire engines, precision-made refuse vehicles and heavy lorries.

Public transport products.

We offer a vast range of acoustic foams to suit your acoustic requirements. Such as A72, which is a melamine foam which is a class A, acoustic absorber. Plus it is very light weight and a fantastic thermal insulator with a Class 0 fire rating perfect for environments at risk of fire. A72 is an excellent product where weight restrictions and risk of fire are apparent. We also offer PVC Nitrile foams and glass fibre and mineral wools as an acoustic solution this is to name but a few. All foams can be supplied in sheets, rolls or cut to a custom made kit with are water jets facilities.  For more information, please go to our Products page. 

Polyurethane Moulded Parts.

We have a vast knowledge and experience in polyurethane techniques including integral Skin moulding and Solid elastomer products. We are one of a few manufacturers in the UK with Integral skin moulding facilities. This a versatile piece of equipment as it produces a product that can be soft and durable, with a tough, flexible, tear-resistant skin. The bonus is the skin if formed during the moulding process and requires little processing afterwards. Making it perfect for the manufacturing of headrests, seating, arms rest and much more. For More information, please go to out Polyurethane Foam Mouldings page.

Our polyurethane department has an excellent level of experience with Solid Elastomer polyurethane moulding. Polyurethane is one of the most versatile plastic materials. The nature of the chemistry allows polyurethanes to be adapted to solve challenging problems. Acoustafoam uses this range of materials to mould unusual shapes and to enhance industrial modern design demands. We use this knowledge to develop a series of floor mats and mud guards for the construction and public transport sector. To find out more go to our Polyurethane floor mats page.

Acoustafoam Limited offers a diverse range of components for use in engine compartments and cabs such as:

Roof liners, floor mats, moulded cab parts, engine acoustics, gaiters, edge seals, seals, gaskets, grab handles, seating foams, headrests, steering wheels, filters, plastics and polycarbonates.

The Acoustafoam team have the expertise to work with engineers and designers on product development that will give a solution offering a practical and cost effective result in a very short time scale. Our backup staff respond to sampling and first off products as this is understood to be of priority by all.

Public transport.